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Medical Transcription

Transforming clinical documentation of the patient story through accurate and concise medical transcription is critical to a healthcare facility's ability to achieve core measures, provide the documentation specificity required in ICD-10 and establish clinical data mining to produce required statistics.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations turn to Precyse for our large remote workforce of high-quality, experienced medical transcriptionists for transcription outsourcing services that accelerate turnaround time, reduce costs and harness the power of dictation to yield meaningful clinical information.

Precyse provides the following dictation and speech recognition solutions:

  • Telephone dictation
  • Digital portals
  • Smartphone or iPad dictation apps
  • PC dictation
  • PC dictation with speech recognition
  • "Hot spot"/partial dictation

Best in KLAS for Medical Transcription Services

KLAS, an independent healthcare research firm that designates the best vendors in various software and services, named Precyse Best in KLAS for Transcription Services in 2014 in the report titled "2014 Best in KLAS: Software and Services." Precyse achieved consecutive top rankings, receiving very high marks in all categories: Sales and Contracting; Implementation and Training; Service and Support; and General, all with scores over 90.

Precyse was also named Best in KLAS for Transcription Services in 2013 and in 2012. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, Precyse Transcription Services earned the second highest overall performance ranking, a consistency level that no other transcription vendor can claim.

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